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Jasper is constantly expanding its line of hardwood flooring, providing more species, stains, and finishes. The diversity Jasper hardwood flooring offers, suits with a wide variety of tastes. Jasper hardwood meets all industry standards, with a keen eye for aesthetics as well as functionality. With species ranging from the domestic white oak hardwood to the rich and striking Asian Mahogany and taun, Jasper makes a name from quality lines of quality hardwood floors.

Stained White Oak Flooring
This selection of hardwood floors reflects the reliability of white oak hardwood, a stalwart species used for flooring in a number of settings. Jasper’s stained white oak hardwood floors are highly recommended for kitchens, living rooms and any other interior location where solid strip hardwood flooring can bring out the charm of each interior. With a micro-beveled edge and matched sides and ends, this line of Jasper hardwood flooring means precision in hardwood flooring. This flooring comes with a 25 year warranty for residential wear. 

Alder Handscraped Hardwood Flooring
Jasper Alder handscraped hardwood flooring offers and a rustic, lived-in wood flooring surface.  Available in ¾” thickness, Alder handscraped wood flooring is applied with Treffert brand urethane finish with aluminum oxide. It is manufactured with a tongue and groove
locking system and comes with a 25 year warranty against finish wear and manufacturing/structural defects.

Stained Asian Mahogany and Taun Exotic Hardwood Flooring
Asian Mahogany and taun handscraped hardwood flooring are good looking additions to Jasper's premium lines of flooring. With workability similar to teak and appearance of domestic species, these species are tried and tested and are available in abundance. 

Metropolitan Series
Unlike many other hardwood floors, this exclusive flooring offers multiple installation options. It can be either nailed down or glued down, if required.  Like other choices in hardwood flooring that Jasper offers, the Metropolitan Series offers micro-beveled edges, side and end-matched planks, presenting installers with all of the precision expected of the best in hardwood flooring.

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